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            SSO Studio has rearranged and turned the layout of an existing hotel’s block into a retirement village in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. ReU Living has 51 accommodation units and a clubhouse where residents have access to a wide range of communal facilities designed to look like a residential property.  

SSO_ReU-Lobby 01.jpg
SSO_ReU-Dining Space 01.jpg
SSO_ReU-Reception 02.jpg
SSO_Reu-Sketch 03.png

           The entrance foyer leads to communal spaces that form the heart of the home, including a family hall, dining room, living area, library and multi-purpose hall, each of which open onto the sprawling garden terrace.

INV2203-07 F12.jpg

           With an open yet flexible floor plan, the dining room doubles as a community space where dining, games and activities are held at different times of the day.


SSO Studio believes the future ageing residence lies in a balance of quality life and active participation in society in spaces designed for creativity, intentional collaboration and mental focus which aimed at reintegrating older people back into communities. 

SSO_ReU-Sketch 01.png

The dining area opens up to a kitchenette and can be closed off with large pocket sliding doors to segregate both areas when necessary. 

A canopy-like design structure envelopes the open and flexible dining space to create a sense of intimacy and homeliness with refurbished and new selection of furniture.

INV2203-07 F11.jpg

A mix size of tables is introduced to accommodate large or small groups of residents where tables are specifically designed with no sharp corners or edges.

Three oversized sliding panels inspired by woven rattan screen off living and the dining area; allowing different group of residents to hold different activities.  

INV2203-07 F10.jpg
SSO_ReU-Sketch 02.png

            The renovation included reorganizing the entire layout to improve sightlines through the clubhouse and optimizing the natural light available in each area. Bathrooms were positioned at the centre of the clubhouse for the convenience of the users. 

SSO_ReU-Living 01.jpg
SSO_ReU-Library 01.jpg

         The dining, living and library are all connected but intended to read as separate areas.The library and the dining area boast a higher ceiling where all ducting are located at the living area with a lower ceiling thus dividing the boundaries invisibly. 

Plan_Ceiling levels.png
INV2203-07 F22.jpg
INV2203-07 F24.jpg



Date Completed


Retirement Village

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

January 2022

7,850 sqft

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