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"Stories are our source of inspiration,
to craft unique, immersive and poetic experiences."
SSO Studio, an acronym for Storyteller of Space & Objects, is a team of individuals who design compelling environments and lifestyle products with an emphasis on meaningful designs - where stories are the source of inspiration to craft unique, immersive and poetic experiences. 

We work closely with developers, architects, engineers and creative individuals to solve obstacles and to produce our best for each and every projects with an approachable, collaborative way of designing. 

Founded in 2019 by Alice Lee, whose experience in the interior design industry for 12 years, is attentive to space planning, concept and details with a continuous exploration in design and innovation. Her past experience in the hospitality, F&B and commercial field has allowed her to share design knowledge and experience with the clients and the team. The contribution to overall success of each projects are the result of the team's cohesiveness and synergy, that is including the client's team, the consultants and every creative individuals involved in the projects.  

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