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SR Villa


SSO_SR Outdoor1.JPG

        A beautiful contemporary tropical home located at Serdang, the house is surrounded by lush tropical trees, an idyllic hideaway, a sanctuary of secret gardens in the heart of the city living where peace and privacy is essential. The house quietly recedes through layers of vegetation, shielding its inhabitants from the busy street and creating an inner world. 

SSO_SR Bathroom3.jpg

Bathroom with a private tropical garden view

          The approach is to unveil the view of the private tropical garden which was hidden behind the walls for 20 years. Large window panes were introduced to frame and appreciate the lush greenery. Natural daylight spills into the space with moving shadows softly dancing during the day.


'Suspended' large vanity basin is customised in sintered stone with one tall hanging mirror. Green Onyx is introduced in large slab format which covers from the walk-in wardrobe to shower area.

SSO_230221 L1-STFP.png
SSO_SR Bathroom5.jpg

              Pivot doors and sliding doors are proposed to separate the zones of dry and wet area. When bathtub is not in use, pivot doors are open to allow sunlight in and a lush garden beyond the window becomes an eye-stopper. The sliding door to the bathroom can slide open and pivot doors close which the bathroom becomes larger and vice versa.

SSO_SR Wardrobe3.HEIC
SSO_SR Wardrobe2.jpg
SSO_SR Wardrobe1.jpg

Progress photos of the invisible boundary of walk-in wardrobe and bathroom.

Green Onyx.jpg

              With a square space to work with, the wet kitchen boasts a 10ft long island counter and a tall cabinet as a separator between the foyer and cooking area. The tall cabinet becomes a convenience in the wet kitchen as a support in food preparation. 

SSO_SR Kitchen1

              The island counter is designed with timber legs to allow seating during baking or food preparation for convenience, it also creates a sense of larger space. All counter top finished in sintered stone by Cosentino, Dekton. The large piece format allows a seamless counter top with very little joint lines. 


              Kitchen windows were re-used and refinished to new stains, cladded with slim profiles of aluminum bronze frame. The kitchen overlooks into the lush tropical private garden. 






Kuala Lumpur

Partial Completed

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