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           In designing this boutique mall, SSO Studio took inspiration from local shophouse’s courtyard – where skylight lights up a section of a building and defines a boundary or function in the space which once commonly noticeable in the past. Built in the 90s, many existing structures were retained and repurposed to create a new dynamic interior. 

DYP_SSOStudio_TheGrange_032e (resize).jp
DYP_SSOStudio_TheGrange_022 full edit (r
DYP_SSOStudio_TheGrange_004 full

The atmosphere of the interior emulates the design of popular bygone gathering places in a contemporary context - through the use of a 20-metre-long light membrane with printed shadowy plants over, timber textured materials and multiple layers of lighting. 

The oversize light membrane creates an artificial sense of time.

concept hanging greenery 1.jpg
DYP_SSOStudio_TheGrange_017 full edit (r
DYP_SSOStudio_TheGrange_026 (resize).jpg

The demising piers were formed with bronze stainless steel structures to create a hanging garden and a colonnade of lanterns, a reminiscence of an old courtyard while maximizing the use of volume of space.

DYP_SSOStudio_TheGrange_015 full edit1 (

A new ramp was introduced within the building to cater to the special needs. The ramp was designed to create the feeling of walking in a garden.

DYP_SSOStudio_TheGrange_028 (resize).jpg

Customized signage is designed with a slight curve towards the end, inspired by nature. 

DYP_SSOStudio_TheGrange_031e (resize).jp
DYP_SSOStudio_TheGrange_039 (resize).jpg
DYP_SSOStudio_TheGrange_041 (resize).jpg

A reinterpretation of the 90's vibe, bespoke decorative wall lamps composed of natural woven rattan and brass finish cast beams of light onto a terrazzo tiled backdrop.  

DYP_SSOStudio_TheGrange_043 (resize).jpg



Date Completed


Boutique Mall

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

December 2020

24,311 sqft

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